Hunter Lake Macquarie & Newcastle
Obedience & Behaviour Modification

We know the first step to having an obedient and sociable dog is the right kind of training. No matter what the dog breed K9 Education & Training can train puppies to adult dogs.

The team at K9 Education and Training  are able to take on the responsibility of any breed and train them to be obedient during our dog training.

Our aim is to achieve remarkable results through our dog education & training programs. Our services are designed to train your dog without the use of physical punishment or any harsh treatments.

Our Hunter Lake Macquaire & Newcastle Obedience & Behaviour modification dog training programs are based on training your pet to be at their best behaviour and offer you the opportunity to further extend the training within your home environment.


Major Benefits of K9 Education & Training

  • It builds a lasting relationship between you and your dog.
  • It’s easier when you take your dog out in public places.
  • It’s safer for your home & family enviroment.
  • Having a dog that is trained & obedient, happy, relaxed, responsive and easy for you to manage.


Cody Taylor

Nathan is extremely professional.
Definitely recommend!

Emsy Kate

My partner & I wanted to rescue a dog. We found Reginald & took a chance on him as not many people want dogs that are almost five years old. Unfortunately, Reggie came with a few behaviours that needed correcting & most people found it too much. We desperately did not want to put Reggie in the “too hard” basket either and adored him for everything else he had to offer. We contacted K9 Education & Training to see if we could get some help and tips! Nathan assured us his quirks could be corrected with consistency and training. Nathan went above and beyond to explain it to us & met with us in person to show us how it’s done. We were able to officially adopt Reginald as ours & we continue to train him everyday!
Thanks so much for your help! 10/10 would recommend 🐶🐶🐶

Robin An

Amazing what you’ve achieved with this young fella. Nice work Captain!!

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